DIANE PHALEN Diane Phalen is known to quilters nationwide for her charming and original quilt designs and her quilt-oriented landscapes.  
Diane grew up in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish farmlands.  "As a young girl," she says, "I sketched barns, mills and covered bridges close to our homestead.  A rainbow of quilts seemed to be hanging on every clothesline, fence and porch rail."

Today she continues to roam country roads for handmade inspiration.  "I especially enjoy using quilts to express the brilliance of changing seasons", she explains.  "I like to say 'I quilt with my paint brush'.  Quilt-making is art to me and the colors I see inspire my own color palette."  And to
good result - Diane Phalen is America's foremost painter in the world of quilts and quilting.

Diane's education includes training in commercial art and design, drafting, technical illustration and architectural design, but her first love is incorporating lovely quilt designs in her warm paintings of country America.  

Articles on Diane Phalen have appeared in most major American quilting publications, and she is a welcome
speaker  at many quilt shows around the country and on special quilting cruises organized by major quilting magazines.