JANICE QIU Janice Qiu is the CEO, founder and art director of En Vogue. Janice started her art career early in life while growing up in and further developed and matured her skills after emigrating to California where she now resides.

Janice inspired by natural beauty of Southern California and fascinated by the art of dynamic glazing, Janice transformed ancient Chinese tile art into a new media of art expression and decoration.  She has been able to capture not only the emotions and feeling of our day to day lives and special occasions she has also been able to transpose the natural beauty of her surroundings into her creations. This has been accomplished  by her seemingly effortless piping and glazing, which has been furthered enhanced by her precise and slow firing technique which is done over 24 hours period at the range of 500-1000o C.. The vivid color produced by her own technique is the foundation for her free expression and interpretation of all aspects of life interpreted in her own way on one of the most difficult media: tiles. As a result, her tile art has been collected worldwide, and often commissioned to produce customized pieces that may last for generations.  

Since 2006, Janice has collaborated with multiple talented and award-wining artists and brought their art on to the tile form. All of Janice’s tile is individually hand-crafted, glazed, and fired. Each tile is a one of the kind piece that can be enjoyed indoors or out, as a stand alone focal point or incorporated into others.