LYN GIANNI  Lyn Gianni

Award-winning artist, Lyn Gianni was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Hawaii.  Before turning to painting as a full-time profession, she taught acrylic painting in the Hawaii Public Education system.Although she maintains her island roots through gallery representation in Hawaii and by traveling there often, she now makes her home in Santa Barbara, California where she is well-known for her charming and whimsical artistic creations.  

Much of Lyn's work often reflects her island heritage.   Her full-color paintings offer the viewer rainbow hues and whimsical design elements and themes.  Drawing on experiences exploring the wonderful underwater life of the tropics,  she has created in her paintings of
salt water fish vivid celebrations of the myriad colors of species indigenous only to tropical reefs, displaying them as one might arrange beautiful flowers on a white background so that each colorful creature stands out strongly as a design element rather than being merely part of a typical underwater setting.

The artist also focuses on themes depicting the personalities and foibles of the many dogs and cats - strays, rescues and purebreds alike - that have played a large part in her life over the years.  A strong whimsical touch as well as the desire to create inspirational works that will touch the spirit, infuse the artist's work.    
No matter what the subject matter, it becomes a little brighter and more meaningful when viewed through the filter of Lyn Gianni's paint palette.
The artist has won numerous awards and has been commissioned by the City of Santa Barbara to create works for its permanent collections.  Her paintings are collected internationally.