The Story behind "En Vogue - Art on Tiles"

Congratulations on selecting an En Vogue - Art on Tiles product! This artwork by widely recognized artists which has been individually hand-crafted onto a piece of 3-dimensional ceramic tile. All Art on Tiles 
are individually hand-painted onto wet clay by a tile artist before they are carefully glazed and fired. This technique originated in the Art Nouveau Movement but was not perfected until recently using modern glazing and firing techniques, which enable broader and more vivid final glaze colors and highly accurate representation of the original artist’s work. Our Art on Tile products proudly display the feelings and expressions of the artists who drew the original images!
The creation of each individual Art on Tile product requires delicate 
team work between the original image artist, the tile glaze artists and the process technician. Each Art on Tile begins with an original artist image and a piece of raw clay tile. The tile artists first hand draws the art onto the clay tile using special pens, then hand-paints layers of glazes using different brushes like oil on canvas. This gives our products their 3-dimensional texture. After a natural drying process, our process technicians fire the tiles using several cycles of slow heating and cooling, which often take many days. This heavily guarded process allows the carefully chosen glaze colors to closely match the original art. During the firing process, fine crack lines sometimes appear on the tile surface due to the different thermal expansion rates of various glazes and the clay tile,
and do not affect the strength or durability of the art tiles.
Best of all, En Vogue transformed this art into beautifully finished products which proudly and soulfully portray our feelings and inspirations!